Priscilla Fowler

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Priscilla Fowler (Photo credit:  Gig Depio )

Priscilla Fowler (Photo credit: Gig Depio)

My work is process-driven and the result of that process is biomorphic imagery. Mimicking nature, I build my work from components. Nature uses cells, eggs, leaves, pebbles, water droplets; I use brushes loaded with washes of ink and acrylic paint and water. I deposit a series of puddles of this, large or small, onto a variety of surfaces (Mylar, paper, canvas, board), just like the turtle or salmon lays its eggs. And just as in nature, the environment influences what then happens. In the case of my work, the drying process shapes the results; these vary depending on the support. Inevitably, edges emerge both on the periphery and in the interior of each amoeba-like form. Sometimes many small components float within the picture plane; sometimes they vary in size and interact. At other times I cut out the forms and assemble them in bas-relief and hanging assemblages. Formal concerns like composition and color provide structure within which forms are deployed.

The biomorphic imagery of the work engages viewers in both internal and social conversations about natural environments, as they “read” many different objects—shells, rock strata, geodes, cells under a microscope—into what they see.