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(July-Aug) Exhibition: Lolita Develay - Opulent, Eva Celin: Beach Paintings, and T. M. Scott: Sculpture

"Dreams Come True" from Opulent

Dreams Come True by Lolita Develay

Dreams Come True by Lolita Develay


Her work has been described as photorealist depictions, in watercolor and oils, of contemporary subject matter characteristic of Las Vegas. 

My work is about life as I am able to observe it.

— Lolita Develay

Artist's Statement for the Exhibition:

The paintings for Opulent were completed across a period of 3 years. The vision for them began much earlier than that. I grew up on a small farm in the desert, made mud pies and went on countless hikes to search for lizards. My sister would come up from Los Angeles, she smelled amazing, not like dust, and her clothes were always so fashionable. 

I came to be fascinated with the way clothes define us, the politics behind them, how we choose to dress to influence the world’s perception of us. The clothes in these paintings represent an ultimate desire, for me they are status symbols of success. I am often at conflict with the ideas wrapped up in what constitutes success. In spite of this, I too am
drawn in by the appeal of luxurious clothing, fantasies of a luxurious life. 

These paintings embody my ultimate desire for lush surfaces, the luxury of time that is what allowed these paintings to be created. They reflect the precious commodity of time that along with my ability to Indulge myself, to revisit these paintings, to paint them until the surface satisfied my desires. 


"Umbrella Beauties" from Beach Paintings

Umbrella Beauties by Eva Celin

Umbrella Beauties by Eva Celin

Artist's Statement for the Exhibition:

My artwork is sincere; simple but more importantly, serene. I try to be well balanced, meditative, calm, and creative in my personal life and I like to paint scenes that remind me of these feelings. I think that it is important to have in our intimate places objects and art that makes us grow spiritually.

This point of view is kind of an opposition to so many art statements about defending ideas, political circumstances, religions, etc, or criticizing so many things that happen in the world. My objective is to stop thinking; to feel and contemplate more. To enjoy the silence, avoiding, hopefully, so much discussion. Even if it is necessary to fix so many things I truly believe that the greatest change that we can make is first as individuals.

This said, as a painter, the real pleasure and thoughts that I enjoy most about painting and viewing art is the painting itself: colour, textures, light, composition, etc. That is where the real meditation happens, and the purpose for many of us (artists) is to create the most beautiful and transcendent piece, learning and enjoying the process of creation. And best of all, we can then show it so other people can enjoy it too. 

Later Event: August 31
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