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This exhibition features the talented artist Ken Farkash!

Ken Farkash is a multidisciplinary artist whose primary focus is sculpture and painting in his unique Modern/Futurist, Pop style. Currently living in Redondo Beach and born in Los Angeles, Ken's work has been influenced by the innovative, originality of living the Southern California Lifestyle. With a professional career spanning 35 years including attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Renting his artwork to the Hollywood studios for motion pictures, television and commercials, numerous one man gallery shows and site specific sculptural installations, his experience and thirst to explore and learn is never ending. The themes of Ken's work explores the human condition and emotional connections to people, places and time with a sense of nostalgia. Mainly expressing ideas in abstraction and non traditional pop art imagery. Infusing kinetic and mechanical elements, bright colors, movement and depth with a touch of Modernism/Futurism and humor. From small maquettes to stone carving, Welded steel sculpture to fountains, painting to kinetic art and large scale site specific installations, no expression of ideas is too great or too small.

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