A Political Romp

Diane Bush and Colleagues Roast the Election Season
October 2 - November 3, 2020

October 2 - November 3, 2020

Opening Reception:
First Friday, October 2nd, 12-10 PM

Priscilla Fowler Fine Art presents Diane Bush and fellow artist-satirists including Steve Baskin, Sandra Camomile, Sappy Cheuk, Gig DePio, Lolita Develay, Brent Holmes, Su Limbert, Robby Martin aka Biscuit Street Preacher, Anne Mulford, Heather Protz, Krystal Ramirez, Recycled Propaganda, Miguel Rodriguez, Jerry Ross, Chad Scott, Hannah Stills, Jeffrey Valance, and more in an election-season roast of all things political. Each artist was invited for their talent and also their willingness to dive into the political arena.


After Bush’s herculean eleven-month election effort, “Dishing it Out: 2016,” the tradition continues this election cycle with a COVID-19-curtailed, but not dampened, an exhibition of artwork that celebrates free speech. This exhibit continues the tradition of political satire that goes back to the invention of the printing press.


To honor our constitutional rights, Diane has been creating framed, patriotic merkins titled

“Make a Merkin Great Again” since the summer of 2019 to spoof the infamous MAGA slogan. Theater and stage workers know a merkin is a genital wig used for stage and film modesty. Bush’s work lampoons President Trump’s viral public boast that he likes to “grab them [women] by the pussy,” by incorporating pussy-cat fur and patriotic ribbon in her crocheted creations. They are then placed in patriotic veteran flag frames, sprayed red, white, and blue. She has made 25 merkins, one for each woman that has officially accused the president of sexual abuse. Although there probably are more, they have not come forward due to the millions he has paid out to them for their silence.


Many of the invited artists were participants in the 2016 exhibits, such as Anne Davis Mulford, Jerry Ross, Jeffrey Valance, and Lolita Develay. SAVE THE DATE to come see what these and other invited artists have in store for you. BRING YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR!


Please note: Anyone showing their voter registration card to Priscilla or her staff gets 10% off any gallery purchase. And anyone showing that they have voted gets an additional 10% off any gallery purchase.


First Friday, October 2, 12 – 10 pm


Tuesday, November 3,  5 – 10 pm



Sunday - Wednesday 1 – 5 pm

Thursday - Saturday -  12 – 8 pm