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Alexander Lui

It is to my knowledge,

The solutions to all human problems are available and are simpler than most can admit. The obstacle is not the absence of solutions; it is implementation. The hypnotism of suppression, ignorance, and distraction dance in negative synergy to stifle human evolution and to poison our own habitat. They are obsolete, like cobwebs of a status quo conceived in a womb of iniquity and fertilized by the parasitic greed of the power hungry. But worry not, the Age of Greed shall pass into the Age of Altruism, to bring mass enlightenment. After all, we are always at the brink of another Copernican Revolution, whether personal or collective.

The focus of my work is symbolic and serves to reveal knowledge of abundance in which secret societies have kept hidden. I work for human and individual empowerment which is our birthright. No longer shall we be "born a Man, and died a Grocer." I wish to say "Wake up!" with many faces and to heal the programmed disconnection to Nature.

I keep several sketchbooks with me as I travel and take notes on the spontaneous inspiration I receive; I collect these like seeds and the works seem to ripen on their own terms. Life has been a series of abrupt and smooth transformations for me. Hence, impermanence is a powerful theme I like to explore. Curiosity has been an efficient catalyst for learning over the years, and I love to quench its thirst before beginning a new piece. The works of Buckminster Fuller, observations of Nature, and poetry from various artists are some of the most significant influences. After all, life is both beautiful and miraculous and I would like to capture some of its essence in my work.

I have grown fond of Yin and Yang and wish to produce its elegance in my black and white illustrations. Metaphysical symbolism, natural processes, human sexuality, and psychology are the intended themes of these works.

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