Benjamin Schmitt

Benjamin Schmitt is an artist, professional art installer, and independent curator. He has a bachelor of fine arts degree in studio art with an emphasis in painting and color theory from Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle Washington 2003. Ben’s work was featured in several group exhibitions in Seattle, including City Center, Wright Gallery and Axes Gallery. His work is part of the Mary Alice Cooley permanent art
collection.  After moving to Las Vegas, NV in 2011 his work was featured in Trifecta Gallery February 2012, The Skull group show Feb 2013 and The Year of the Rooster for the city of Las Vegas Cultural Arts in 2016.


Benjamin has immersed himself in the growing arts scene in Las Vegas from both art-making and business perspectives. He is a full time artist and is also employed with Global Art Transport and Plumb Level Art
Installation where he has been the lead art installer since 2012. Benjamin has had the pleasure to see first hand original works of art from notable artists such as Chuck Close, Yayoi Kusama, and Ken Price. These experiences inspire him and foster his own creative processes.

Ben is part mad scientist, part post-modern landscape artist. Each painting created represents his unique observations of the body's and nature's movements. As he studies these details he has an uncanny way of pulling them apart the molecule by molecule. This process is both meditative and tedious and draws upon his methodical and meticulous nature. Painting is not an option for Ben, it is a subconscious impulse that must be explored and shows in his relevant and timeless work.