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Brian Hoover

"Ultimately, I would like people to respond the same way I do to many early Christian works – not for religious reasons, but for the fact that they were often strange, unworldly, powerful and even fearsome objects of reverence. I appropriate imagery from the ancient past to popular culture and combine it with dream imagery.  I then endeavor to create a sense of myth and magic in the hope that I may create my own objects of reverence."


Brian Hoover was born in Pennsylvania and received initial undergraduate training in art at the Cleveland Institute of Art. He went on to receive a BFA in Fine Art from Kutztown University in 1988 and then earned an MFA in Printmaking/ Painting from the State University of New York in 1990.

From 1990-1995 he taught foundation art classes at the Harrisburg Area Community College, in Harrisburg PA. In 1995 he accepted a teaching position at Southern Utah University which is where he teaches Painting and Printmaking today.

Brian’s highly detailed and symbolic work is exhibited nationally and is part of many private and public collections throughout the United States.

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