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Charles Livingston

Charles studied graphic design at the Colorado Institute of Art. In 2000 received his BFA from Metropolitan State College of Denver.  During that time he worked as a custom area rug designer at the Denver Design Center and exhibited his paintings with several galleries in the local area. The last public exhibition of his paintings was in 2002 at Andenken Gallery, Denver.  In 2004 he received his MFA from the University of Connecticut. At UConn he produced a CD of sound works that originated from time spent in his studio called Soundsketches: A Compilation of Sound for the Experiencer and published Accrete: A Compilation of Notes, Diagrams, Drawings, and Journal Entries, a catalog of his working process on file at The Museum of Modern Art Library, NY. For the next five years he worked at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. After returning to Colorado he became a member of Pirate Contemporary Art in 2012 and teaches drawing and painting at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

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