Diane Bush

What is a Merkin? Since the 1400s, sex workers and others would often shave their private areas to prevent lice and STDs. To disguise affliction or to beautify themselves, they would often create pubic wigs, or "merkins". Today, merkins are used in film, TV, and stage productions to create a certain "look" or for modesty.

Our merkins are made from hand-spun pussy cat fur, crocheted with patriotic ribbons. The finished merkins are framed in painted veteran flag frames. A limited edition of 22 merkins, one for each Trump sexual accuser, will be offered as a single wall installation. 

Diane Olson-Bush was born in Buffalo, N.Y. and trained in the U.K. At the age of 18, she emigrated to the U.K. with a draft dodger, in response to the Vietnam War. After living there for ten years and working as a documentary photographer, she returned to the U.S. to attend to her ailing parents. Once back in Buffalo, N.Y. she obtained her Master's Degree in Photography from the State University of New York at Buffalo by documenting local boxing gyms and billiard halls.

After graduating, she spent seven years as staff photographer at the local affiliate of the National Public Broadcasting and ABC-TV stations. At the same time she pursued self-imposed artistic projects and established a public arts organization. 

Diane’s satirical and fine art imagery sourced from T.V. screens spans over 30 years, and includes videos, talking pictures, performance work, and stills. Bush’s recently published monograph, WARHEADS contains images that satirize America’s news censorship of the Iraqi War. These were created by shooting TV surfaces with a macro lens at obtuse angles and throwing bleach on her C-prints.

Currently, she is creating new “Im-BLEACHments” by further bleaching of WARHEADS and other prints to the point of abstraction. Diane hopes to use these re-worked abstract pand other prints to the point of abstraction. Diane hopes to use these re-worked abstract prints to bring to light another social problem: the blinding and de-facing of women who have acid thrown in their faces by spurned suitors, angry husbands or the Taliban who try to discourage girls from attending school. These Imbleachments can be seen at

Diane is a past President and Secretary of the Contemporary Arts Center of Las Vegas where she lives with her artist husband, Steve Baskin, and Mookie the cat. Both she and her husband collect everything vintage but have a very soft spot for anything mid-century, mod and psychedelic.