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Robert Mirek

Robert Mirek’s sculptural forms investigate the connectivity of organic forms, manipulating materials until they are recognizable only in their new states. His Seeds, Comets and Shuttlecocks series are manifestations of dual compositional elements, implying both movement and reproduction. You can imagine these unique lifeforms moving through space at microcellular and celestial scales, reproducing and forming alien systems on their own. In both his Threads and Strands series, diatom structures create unique symmetries and shapes, veins binding and connecting their foreign anatomies. Each variation on a theme is a new interpretation of how this emblematic infrastructure has built itself up, a conscious germination.


Mirek was born in Detroit Michigan in 1957. He received his BFA in Painting from the College for Creative Studies. Recent solo and group exhibitions include; Sacred Spaces at Higher Art Gallery, Haute Domain Detroit a new dwelling and exhibition in Detroit, 100 Sculptures: A Survey of Contemporary Sculpture at the Ella Sharp Museum, Abstraction an invitational exhibition by Rick Vian at Janice Charach Gallery, Big Sculpture Show at 333 Midland, Echoes a three person exhibit at Galerie Camille, and Robert Mirek a solo exhibition at the Detroit Center for Design and Technology.

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