Wade Schuster

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Wade graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a BA in Art Education. While attending UWEC, painting professors Sangram Majumdar and Tiit Raid helped to ignite Wade’s interest in observational painting. In 2005, Wade accepted a teaching job in Las Vegas and has been teaching art for the Clark County School District for the last 15 years. Wade currently teaches Drawing, Painting, and AP Studio Art at Las Vegas High School.


In addition to teaching, Wade maintains a regular studio practice and exhibition schedule. In recent years, Wade’s work has become less about representation and illusion, and more about experience, memory, and perception.  With an understanding that neither the natural world, nor our perception of it, is stable; the painting becomes the thing that is real - a physical manifestation of the artist’s lived experience.  Recently, Wade was accepted into the MFA program at the San Francisco Art Institute where he will be living part time while completing the program.