William Thielen

"When creating pictorial or sculptural objects, it is risky to trust the intuitive nature of emotions and the intellectual information that comes from observation. For me, the only way to overcome this risk is in the language of abstraction.

The process of abstraction is one of spontaneity, flexibility, and trusting the intuitive nature of the act.  Also inherent in abstraction is an emotional reaction and metaphorical reckoning on the part of the viewer.  All of this helps to create a new visual language in which to address the issues behind the visual statement."

William H. Thielen was born March 18, 1954 in Pierre, South Dakota, where he grew up.  He did his undergraduate studies in painting at Northern State University, Aberdeen, South Dakota from which he received a B.S. in Art in 1977 with a major in Painting and minors in Fibers and Sculpture.  At that time Thielen realized that in making his art he wanted a broader base from which to draw.  He, therefore, enrolled in graduate studies under M. Joan Lintault at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  He received his M.F.A. in Fibers in 1980.