Ribbons and Bows

November 5 to January 1

Priscilla Fowler Fine Art announces a new local all-encompassing exhibit opening Friday, November 5th, 6 – 10 pm. What is something that warms your heart and makes you smile when the days get shorter and colder? Most of our fondest memories are what we hold on to when getting through dark times and even low points in our health or life in general. The ribbons that trace back to these various moments are argued to be what makes up most of our lives, if not the meaning and associations we bring to them. Though these instances can’t necessarily be wrapped up with a bow, objects of sentimentality, cheer, longing, and even sadness can point to the fleeting feelings that make the human experience something worth cherishing and remembering when it grows darker and quieter outside and within ourselves. 


Many of our gallery artists show a particular image or idea that breaks off an accessible piece of their heart and mind for viewers to be able to bring back and take home with them. This exhibit is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the artists and artworks for seasoned and new art collectors alike. Find what speaks to you and allow yourself to give and receive something aesthetically unique this season.


The exhibit is up through Saturday, January 1st. 

We are always delighted to open by appointment: call 719-371-5640


Ideally located in the Las Vegas Arts District at 1300 S. Main Street, #110, Las Vegas, NV 89104, Priscilla Fowler Fine Art is an exhibition space for contemporary art by local, regional, and national professional artists whose work is both compelling and approachable. This gallery and studio draws many hundreds of local art-lovers on First Fridays as well as art-loving tourists who visit the Las Vegas Strip and then want to see what else Las Vegas culturally has to offer.