Brian Hoover & Katie Klemp

The Delights of Representational Painting
September 4 - September 26, 2020

September 4 - September 26, 2020

Opening Reception:
First Friday, September 4, 12-10 PM

Priscilla Fowler Fine Art presents two exceptional painters, Brian Hoover and Katie Klemp, from September 4 through 26. Both artists work representationally but each has a distinctive voice.

Katie's lush fields of poppies and other glories of nature, thickly and richly painted, will appeal to lovers of Impressionism. They will seduce even the most reluctant of viewers who think they prefer Mary Cassatt or Monet to contemporary art.


Brian's exquisitely magical scenes, often drawn from dreams, both charm and intrigue. These are gorgeously rendered paintings, filled with dreamlike vistas of castles and exotic creatures, human and otherwise. These paintings combine aspects of academic realism with abstract sensibilities associated with modernism. If you loved the illustrations in children's books, you will delight in these works. Bring your children!

First Friday, September 4, 12 – 10 pm 

Musical Performance by Cameron Calloway

Feat. Sonia Barcelona 6 – 9 pm


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Sunday - Wednesday 1 – 5 pm

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