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As we enter the sweltering heat of summer in Las Vegas, we continue to anticipate our move into our newly remodeled permanent location at the corner of Commerce and Utah, still in the Arts District downtown. Meanwhile, we're staying cool, as we proudly showcase the 4th annual Stars of the Gallery exhibition, featuring our esteemed regular artists as well as a few exceptional newcomers. If you haven't visited our temporary space at 1427 S. Commerce St., you are in for a treat. Every nook and cranny is bursting with color alongside beautifully hand-crafted items. Remaining true to our reputation as being the number one gallery in Las Vegas to exhibit quality local artwork, Stars of the Gallery IV is no exception.


Mayy-June 2022


The exhibition features works by many of the gallery's favorite artists, as we catch our breath and enjoy this bungalow while our future home is readied for us later this summer. 

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Jan 7 - 29, 2022

Breathing Life

Solo exhibition by

Julian Eusebio.

Vibrant colors of the Philippines



Magicians of Form and Color: David Baird, Wade Schuster and Doglion.

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New Faces,
Familiar Faces

An Invitational exhibition featuring artists not yet shown, as well as artists from our gallery roster.


The Delights of Representational Painting

Priscilla Fowler Fine Art presents two exceptional painters, Brian Hoover and Katie Klemp, from September 4 through 26. Both artists work representationally but each has a distinctive voice.


Rhapsody of Form: Online Exclusive

Grain Elevators: A sculptural tribute to rural America. A solo exhibition by photographer Dennis Galloway.


Open Call:
Group Show

What better way to round out the year than with a show that presents our wonderful community of artists.


Linework: Online Exclusive

Meandering or meticulous, organic or linear, the majority of humankind's collective artwork was started with a line. Ponder how lines carried an artwork from inception to completion for this group of exhibiting artists at the Priscilla Fowler Fine Art Gallery.


Isolation: Online Exclusive

Creativity in the Time of Social Distancing.

April 2022

Talented Students 

High schoolers from the Clark County School District demonstrated their artistic talents and were showcased in the 19th annual juried competition, held at the gallery for the 1st time.

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Ribbons & Bows

Our holiday shopping exhibition with an expanded gift shop.

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Five Art Teachers
and their Students

How do artists get their start and hone their craft? Art teachers, through their skills instruction and supportive direction, play a significant role in the development of emerging artists.

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Brush the Heat

Five local artists interpret the natural surroundings of Nevada and how they interact with it. Featuring Natalie Delgado, Doglion, Ian Racoma, IE, and Lance L. Smith.

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Stars of the
Gallery II

A wide-ranging exhibition of over 30 local and national gallery artists.


Microcosmic Intricacies

Iterative Ruminations by Robert Mirek and Charles Livingston.


Play with the Rules

A traveling exhibition showcasing works by architects prompted to design around
the scale of the familiar
suitcase object.


Art is Music to My Eyes: Online Exclusive

A Solo Exhibition by José M. Fontaiña.

March 2022


Following the move from Main Street to Commerce Street, it was time to reflect, repaint, repair and RESET - an ephemeral show in this transitory time


Stars of the
Gallery III

Over 20 gallery artists showcase an eclectic group of new works.


Life Lines

Frédéric Bonin-Pissarro showcases new works alongside gallery owner Priscilla Fowler.


A Political Romp

Diane Bush and Colleagues Roast the Election Season.


Illusory Permanence: Online Exclusive

Portland, Oregon screen printer Hayden Senter seeks to find the balance between what is permanent and what is ephemeral.


Arranged Structures

A selection of paintings and sculptures by Rebekah Andrade and Don Lyle.


David Baird:
A Survey

Between the Lines includes sculpture, monoprints, and paintings. Our exhibit includes many of David’s small “journal” pieces as well, which he creates three of daily as part of his artistic practice.


Beneath the Surface: Online Exclusive

An online exclusive exhibition. Beyond the Mundane and Ordinary Exists a World of Seen and Unseen Wonder.