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Arranged Structures

Jan 17 - Feb 26, 2020

A selection of paintings and sculptures by Rebekah Andrade and Don Lyle

Las Vegas artists Rebekah Andrade and Don Lyle come together for our first exhibition of 2020, presenting a selection of recent works that blend loose gestures and geometric colorworking. Andrade’s repetitive forms show her intense compulsion and contemplation of spatial arrangements. Each iteration of her Constructed Thoughts series has obvious similarities, but looking closer reveals the nuanced details that make each unique. Smooth linework, strident textures, and color fields vary from frame to frame, just as we never recall the same memory twice in exactly the same way. These abstractions represent the relationships between psychological states and physical surroundings. Lyle’s artworks emphasize the essential forms of their composition: an appendage, an edifice, an interaction. The viewer can see his works arranging themselves, abstract lines becoming more figurative in relation to each other. These take on more finalized forms through his three-dimensional constructions, capturing a singular emotion or held posture. Their structures are much more defined and takes on a tactile quality through the use of wood, metal, and striking color; organic lines now bound by strict anatomy.Rebekah Andrade holds a BFA in Visual Arts from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Currently, she is studying graphic design through Parsons School of Design in New York City and recently completed a residency at Otis College of Art in Los Angeles. Don Lyle grew up in Auburn, Alabama playing in his father’s chemistry lab and studied Architecture. He received a BFA at Utah State University where he studied with photographer Craig Law. He has been nominated for several Emmys and was awarded an Emmy for his story, City Sounds, which chronicles studio musicians in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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