Microcosmic Intricacies

May 6 - 30, 2020

Iterative Ruminations by Robert Mirek and Charles Livingston.

Patterns of lines, shapes, and dots in Charles Livingston’s Infinite Drawing series are initially anxious but become calming through its repetition and gentle variation from one impression to the next. Checking each work by the date it was created (which serves as a title), you can imagine the painstaking, repetitive process of that day, created entirely in pen and ink. The sheer number of lines and points seem incalculable. This introspective erraticism also emerges in a site-specific installation, made of twine, and of tar; the materials have a more dimensional and odorous presence than the drawings. Together, Livingston’s works show us how he forms experience and memory from an array of single instances. Robert Mirek’s sculptural forms investigate the connectivity of organic forms, manipulating materials until they are recognizable only in their new states. His Seeds, Comets and Shuttlecocks series are manifestations of dual compositional elements, implying both movement and reproduction. You can imagine these unique lifeforms moving through space at microcellular and celestial scales, reproducing and forming alien systems on their own. In both his Threads and Strands series, diatom structures create unique symmetries and shapes, veins binding and connecting their foreign anatomies. Each variation on a theme is a new interpretation of how this emblematic infrastructure has built itself up, a conscious germination.