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Stars of the Gallery II

July 5 - Aug 31, 2020

A wide-ranging exhibition of over 30 local and national gallery artists

Priscilla Fowler Fine Art Gallery announces a wide-ranging group show opening on First Friday, It is fittingly titled "Gallery Stars!" showing work by over 30 regional and national artists who have exhibited at Priscilla Fowler Fine Art Gallery. Artists whose work is being shown include: Andrew Adams, Rebekah Andrade, David Baird, Diane Bush, Cameron Cools, Virginia Derryberry, Lolita Develay, Ken Farkash, Jose M. Fontaina, Priscilla Fowler, Jeff Fulmer, Trevor Ganske, Brian Hoover, Darren Johnson, Kathryn Klemp, Charles Livingston, Don Lyle, Cheryl Magellen, Ed Meese, Kristin Meuser, Robert Mirek, Beej Nierengarten-Smith, Ruben Permel, Ian Racoma, Benjamin Schmitt, Becca Schwartz, Hayden Senter, Wade Schuster, Donald Corpier Starr, Terbo Ted, William M. Thielen, and more.

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