Artist Spotlight: Amy Lummus

We live in a world where womb carrying folks are held to impossible beauty and lifestyle standards while constantly having to fight for basic rights like autonomy. And while we try to be everything and nothing in the eyes of cis men, we aren't given the tools required to live healthy safe lives for ourselves and the children we bring into the world. The feminine experience is not one that is pretty or docile, it is often ugly, violent, and filled with rage and fear. Now, more than ever, it is so important for femme and womb carrying folks voices to be heard. Amy Lee Lummus is one of those voices.

Amy Lummus is an artist bast in Denver, Colorado who uses metaphor heavy imagery and minimal color to inspire the viewer to focus and have an authentic response to the image rather than color. She is not afraid to speak on the horrifying societal issues that affect femmes and womb carrying people. The two paintings below are perfect examples of this. The mixed media piece with the fur is titled 35%-39% of Women are Victims of 'Revenge Porn' or Image-Based Sexual Abuse, the other painting with the gorgeous kaleidoscope-esque pattern is titled 30.2% of Single Mothers in the U.S. Face Food Insecurity Daily.

These are not just beautiful portraits of women with interesting patterns and textures, these are crystal clear messages asking you to look closer and think about the ways the women/femmes/womb carriers in your life are being affected by societal issues. We all deserve to have basic human rights like control over our own bodies and access to food. Art isn't just for looking beautiful, it is supposed to make you think, to make you reflect upon the world we live in and the way we treat our fellow human beings. If these pieces speak to you and you would like to show support to Amy, these pieces are for sale in our gallery and a selection of her T-shirt designs are available in our gift shop.