Artist Spotlight: Scott Bauer

Scott Bauer's work is filled with energetic color, put into play with hard-edged, imagery. He joined Priscilla Fowler Fine Art in 2020 and continues to contribute his well-crafted work in numerous exhibitions, as well as displaying his books and other items in our gift shop.

Scott's work will be exhibited in July and August at the Studio at Sahara West Library and we recommend stopping in to meet him at the opening reception on Thursday, June 16 from 5:00-7:00.

Scott is a fine art painter and sculptor specializing in abstract art. He came to art late in life. His education and experience was in chemistry, physics, and engineering. His art draws on that science and engineering background which results in a unique hard edge geometric style of art. His work represents a juxtaposition of emotion (color) and intellect (shape and composition). Through careful composition of color, shapes, and patterns, Scott's work stimulates both sides of the brain. There is always more there than what immediately meets the eye. His art is a mix of non-objective and symbolic imagery that provokes thoughtful contemplation. Different people see different things in his art. The vivid colors and deceptively simple shapes immediately grab one's attention and provide that initial "wow" factor. The analytical portion of the brain then goes to work trying to make sense of the shapes and patterns presented to it. Like a multi-color Rorschach test, no two people see or feel exactly the same thing.

For more details on the exhibition, see below.