Happy Summer Solstice!

A happy and bright summer solstice to you all! On this day, the light burns away the shadows and reveals the things we may have ignored or forgotten over the course of the last 6 months. It's a good opportunity to lovingly and compassionately come back to ourselves and realign with what inspires us, what goals we have, and have fun. Here at the gallery we have much in store over the summer and hope to entice and inspire you with our upcoming exhibitions and workshops. We're here to brighten your life and inspire you to get in touch with your own creativity and playfulness!

Photos in order top left: Our lovely owner and shining star Priscilla Fowler

top middle: the exterior of our current location on 1427 S. Commerce St.

top right: Priscilla at the front desk

bottom left: some of our current artwork

bottom center: workshop coming up this week!

bottom right: Scott Bauer showcase, go support!