What you DON'T see at the gallery

Coming into the gallery is a visual treat and it takes a lot of effort to make it look that way (hanging a show), but what you DON'T see when you come into the gallery is what goes on behind the scenes prior to each event.

  1. Collecting digital images. All the artists in the upcoming exhibition provide high resolution images of their work and supply us with detailed information about each piece of art.

  2. Distributing the information. Once we receive the images, we look them over and make any adjustments necessary. The information is then distributed to several locations in our computer network so they are readily available for staff to use for upcoming tasks.

  3. Marketing the artwork. All the information we receive is turned into social media postings, online gallery shows, press releases, and viewing rooms. The information can also be used when artwork is shown at off-site exhibition spaces, fairs and other venues.

Our dedicated staff works hard to make everything run as efficiently as possible, and the hours spent go way beyond our hours of operation. In addition to the items listed above, the gallery is continually looking to the future to bring more workshops, art talks, and other community events to make your gallery experience the best it can be.