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by Kristin Meuser

Skyward, Kristin Meuser

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  • By Kristin Meuser

    Mixed Media

    Thread , paper detritus, watercolor, acrylic paint on Lokta paper.



  • I am fascinated by the universe and my work explores the concepts of balance, chaos, and connection through two mixed media mediums. In the Alchemy series, I use mild acids on primed canvas to create rust and patina and add acrylic paint to enhance and harness; the seaming chaos of the universe; likewise, my Abstract Sewing series is an exploration of inner and outer space using machine stitching, paper detritus, watercolor and acrylic.

    My background as a landscape painter and graphic designer provides a foundation for my current work. I attended UC Berkeley, SF State University and have won awards in, mixed media and graphic design. My current work has been shown in public places in both California and Nevada, and my Crows series will be published this year in a book exploring The impact of Birds in the work of Fiber Artists by Martha Sielman. -Kristin Meuser

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