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Charles Livingston

Charles Livingston, who studied graphic design at the Colorado Institute of Art and received his BFA from Metropolitan State College of Denver, is an artist based in Colorado. With a background in custom area rug design and painting exhibitions, Charles has also worked at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and currently teaches drawing and painting at Metro State University of Denver. His artistic journey has been influenced by his experiences and studies, culminating in the production of sound works and catalog publications. Charles' works have been exhibited locally and are part of collections, including The Museum of Modern Art Library in New York. He continues to explore his creativity while sharing his knowledge with aspiring artists.

At UConn he produced a CD of sound works that originated from time spent in his studio called Soundsketches: A Compilation of Sound for the Experiencer and published Accrete: A Compilation of Notes, Diagrams, Drawings, and Journal Entries, a catalog of his working process on file at The Museum of Modern Art Library, NY. For the next five years he worked at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

“My work is most often about documenting and quantifying small repeated actions over long periods of time whereby the actions result in a physical accumulation of objects or mark making. The physical actions and processes I design are meant to trigger meditative and introspective moments that cause internal transformation and increased perceptual awareness.

The Infinite Drawing Series began in 2007 and continues to be done on the same drafting table. Progressively each drawing is the product of the previous drawing by overlaying and mapping specific points. The project began as a standard geometric grid and is best defined as an ‘organic grid’. Always changing, morphing, fluctuating and interconnected. Drawings are titled by the date they are completed. Other identifying numbers are the total number of lines, points, marks, or directional changes in the drawing.”

-Charles Livingston

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