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Izaac Zevalking

Recycled Propaganda is an artist acclaimed for his graphic exploration of a variety of contemporary issues from global history to current affairs. Its sole creative, Izaac Zevalking, is an English-American who was raised bicontinental in a family that highly valued creativity and outside-the-box thinking. This support and lifelong emphasis on ingenuity, coupled with a background in graphic design and art, bred a body of work epitomized by eye-catching visuals with enigmatic social commentary. Known for his often gritty, always thought-provoking, and occasionally shock-inducing imagery, Recycled Propaganda utilizes original digital images conveyed through media ranging from large-scale murals to packs of stickers

All the imagery is crafted with the intent to “subvert the black and white – fear and fact-based rhetoric that we are so frequently plagued with, into a more eccentric and equivocal one that more accurately reflects our reality.” The art aims to encourage critical thought and nuance in an increasingly apathetic and polarized society. Zevalking has been practicing under the Recycled Propaganda pseudonym since 2013, predominately in the Las Vegas area. In this period he has received a number of accolades, notably the “Best of Award” for street art and the “Mayor’s Urban Design Award” for mural projects completed during the 2020 lockdown. In 2018 he opened his flagship brick-and-mortar gallery in the Las Vegas Arts District. Using this platform he has continued to grow his own artistic practice as well as expand his national and global reach.

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