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Julia Grey

A pioneer in long exposure work and founder of Chronochromagraph, Miss Julia Grey is a photographer, writer, painter and gender positive advocate who works in Clarke County, Nevada. Retired from commercial photography and photojournalism (NY Daily News, Boston Herald, Berkshire Eagle), Julia now concentrates on teaching about the Chronochromagraph. Her personal projects are varied, but touch on the subjects of homelessness, mental illness and childhood sexual abuse. In 2021 Miss Grey revisited her first love, hummingbirds, finally creating photos worthy of her inspiration: the paintings of MJ Heade. She has also concluded a 9 year self portrait project, Loving Julia, which celebrates her gender. A self educated photographer, Grey serves as mentor, educator and speaker. Miss Julia is represented by Priscilla Fowler Fine Art of Las Vegas. Her work can be found in private and public collections in the US and UK.

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