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Kristin Meuser

Kristin Meuser is a talented artist whose work explores the concepts of balance, chaos, and connection through two mixed media mediums. In her Alchemy series, mild acids are used on primed canvas to create rust and patina, while acrylic paint is added to enhance and harness the seaming chaos of the universe. Similarly, her Abstract Sewing series is an exploration of inner and outer space using machine stitching, paper detritus, watercolor, and acrylic. Kristin Meuser's art is a beautiful representation of her fascination with the universe and her unique perspective on its many intricate and interconnected aspects.

-Katie Klemp"

“My creative process starts with defining my ideas and choosing which medium is best suited to tell the story. My work utilizes different combined elements to create tension and connection, movement and narrative. The materials are what really tell the story and make it come to life. This innate process is based on the complexity of the idea and the malleability of the materials. The language with which I am most fluent in is steel which I incorporate into most of my work. But my palette is broad, I enjoy working with paint, steel, stone, wood, mechanical and electrical elements and will utilize whatever materials best complete the story being told.”

Lewis has shown work throughout the US with limited exhibitions and representation in Germany, Canada, China, and Mexico, showing in Museums, Public and Commercial gallery exhibitions. While painting, he has held various positions within the Visual Arts field including: Illustrator, Art Director, Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Exhibit Designer and as an instructor and Career Development Administrator at The Advertising Arts College of California, in San Diego, California, where he was responsible for faculty management, curriculum development and undergraduate instruction. After living abroad in Mexico and Australia, he returned to the US, to Southern California. Currently Larry is residing in Las Vegas, Nevada where he is painting full time.

"A Word From the Artist:

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