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Rosanne Giacomini

Rosanne Giacomini, a textile multimedia artist, specializes in contemporary fiber art paintings. Using a wide array of materials, including fabrics, wire, string, thread, and embellishments, Roseanne creates unique pieces that blend various techniques such as stitching, painting, embroidery, dying, wrapping, rusting, and beading. Based in Las Vegas, Roseanne's artistry has been exhibited in Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada, showcasing her mastery of fiber-multimedia wall art.

Inspired by his love for nature and urban life, his art vibrates with colors and energy."

“The current projects I'm really enamored with are the works of ceramic sculpture, new in my world but have been heavily influential and all encompassing. I've been trying my hand at life-like faces and body parts trying to reach some likeness that could stand in the shadow of the great European sculptors of the past. Mixed with moments of beauty and divinity that I see throughout Meso-American works but with hints of their playful side found in erotic works of the Moche. And tied together with odd elements that stand out paired with contrasting colors and usage of visual weight that I've found from influences like Japanese manga.”

""As a painter, I am an observer by nature. I am particularly fascinated by the human eyes’ ability to construct a physical space or object out of abstraction; how scribbles of dull blue can become a sagebrush plant, or an amorphous blob of warm and cool greens can suddenly emerge as a tree. Mark making plays an important role in my work, and often bounces between representational and abstract, intuitive and intentional. I try to avoid painting exactly what I see and exaggerate the landscape's physical boundaries. Each piece becomes a visual puzzle, and I leave it up to the viewer to put the pieces together.

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