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Taylor Pierce

Taylor Pierce is an abstract landscape painter based out of her home studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Throughout her life, she has been deeply involved in art and creative pursuits, thanks to the supportive environment fostered by her upbringing. Taylor's passion for painting has been a constant presence, and she continues to explore and express her artistic interests.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Taylor works as a full-time accountant, holding a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. During her leisure time, she finds joy in reading fiction novels, watching movies, and embarking on hikes with her husband and their German Shepherd. Taylor describes herself as a textbook introvert and confesses to having a strong addiction to boba tea, which she indulges in while functioning highly in her daily life.

"As a painter, I am an observer by nature. I am particularly fascinated by the human eyes’ ability to construct a physical space or object out of abstraction; how scribbles of dull blue can become a sagebrush plant, or an amorphous blob of warm and cool greens can suddenly emerge as a tree. Mark making plays an important role in my work, and often bounces between representational and abstract, intuitive and intentional. I try to avoid painting exactly what I see and exaggerate the landscape's physical boundaries. Each piece becomes a visual puzzle, and I leave it up to the viewer to put the pieces together.

My preferred materials are acrylic paint on canvas. I love acrylic paint for its practicality and its quick drying time, as my paintings have lots of layers. I mainly paint from my studio using reference photos of my travels, but I do occasionally paint 'en plein air' (outdoors)."

-Taylor Pierce

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