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Katie Klemp

Katie Klemp uses non-traditional application methods to paint her contemporary representational work. Her acrylic paintings of nature have a glass like surface and texture, reminiscent of pottery. She loves hiking with her family, and her experiences in nature influence her painting. Klemp received her BFA at UWM in 1997. She currently lives in Las Vegas, NV.

My current work explores the relationship between unpredictable spontaneity of pattern, and deliberate painting, to create controlled chaos. To this end, I use nature as the subject matter. Nature's ongoing movement toward balance within itself has controlled chaos. There is great beauty within the equilibrium process. Because of this, it's the perfect way to express balance in one's life. If I am healthy emotionally and surrounded by such people, I can withstand and enjoy the flowing spontaneity surrounding us. I use a controlled method to make the subject matter. This exemplifies the deliberateness by which I allow people into my life. Currently, I have little interest in representing people through figures, which can be emotionally charged and complex. I use subject matters from nature, like water, flowers, animals or trees to represent people. Thus, the outer appearance of a human figure is stripped away and we are left with the relational aspect amongst the figures.”

-Katie Klemp

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