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Priscilla Fowler

Priscilla Fowler is a mixed-media artist whose contemporary two- and three-dimensional abstraction strongly evokes natural forms. She has shown her work in Colorado, Nevada, and nationally, in solo and group shows. Priscilla holds a BFA Summa Cum Laude from Indiana University of PA and a BA in English Literature and Art History. Her gallery, Priscilla Fowler Fine Art, established in 2016, was elected “Best Las Vegas Gallery” by Las Vegas' Desert Companion magazine in 2019.

“My family members are religious non-artists, whose taste in art has been shaped primarily by framed reproductions of paintings of floral arrangements, bucolic landscapes, and Jesus praying. I can’t escape wanting these people who are important to me to understand the work I make and why. But given the strong moral lessons of my upbringing, especially an almost obsessive requirement for honesty, I am compelled to attend to my gut-level interest in formal issues such as composition and color (which, for me, are best satisfied working non-representationally). Thus a fundamental problem in my work is making abstract imagery with enough accessibility to draw in the average viewer.

Beyond issues of content, I seek a mode of working that is meditative, an integration of the process of working with the work itself. This means loosely dropped-in thinned color, masking and layers, and lines to pick out suggestive imagery and compositional substrate from seemingly random areas of wash. This attentiveness to the value of accidents is for me a way of accessing the spiritual and is how I draw on but manifest differently my family’s religious orientation. What I hope people take from my work, in contemplating the give and take of color and space, is something similar: a quiet (if complex) peace, a non-dogmatic space away from the hectic demands of everyday life.”

-Priscilla Fowler

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