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Sage Danielson

Sage Danielson, a 29-year-old resident of South Lake Tahoe, was raised in Norman, Oklahoma. Having studied ceramics at Lake Tahoe Community College, Sage's artistic journey has been deeply influenced by a diverse range of cultures and art forms. From an early age, Sage developed a fascination with Meso-American artworks, including those created by groups like the Moche and the Navajo. Alongside this, Sage was captivated by the vibrant pop elements and design found in Japanese culture.

In their artistic practice, Sage endeavors to blend elements from these distinct cultural influences, creating something fresh and thought-provoking. Their work often touches upon themes of alienation, isolation, and paranoia, which are universal and relatable experiences. Sage's pieces aim to be visually stimulating while inviting viewers to interpret and engage with these themes.

Additionally, Sage incorporates a strong emphasis on anatomical and compositional detail, drawing inspiration from the European masters such as Auguste Rodin and Caravaggio. This attention to detail adds a layer of depth and sophistication to their creations, further enhancing the overall impact of their artwork.

“The current projects I'm really enamored with are the works of ceramic sculpture, new in my world but have been heavily influential and all encompassing. I've been trying my hand at life-like faces and body parts trying to reach some likeness that could stand in the shadow of the great European sculptors of the past. Mixed with moments of beauty and divinity that I see throughout Meso-American works but with hints of their playful side found in erotic works of the Moche. And tied together with odd elements that stand out paired with contrasting colors and usage of visual weight that I've found from influences like Japanese manga.” - Sage Danielson

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