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Simon Berson

Pratt Institute (1972)
Fairleigh Dickinson University, BFA MCL (1976)

I draw inspiration from both the natural world and the mechanical one, marrying these
contrasting elements in harmony within the piece. The allure of the unknown and the deeply
abstract also played a significant role in informing the direction of these pieces. I strive to create
a visually stimulating canvas that invites and challenges viewers to tease out individual

components, trace their connections, and thus draw personal interpretations. Be your own story-
teller, that's why I call it Brain Candy.

The work is unique due to its amalgamation of organic forms with mechanical elements -
a cross-section of nature and technology that provokes thoughts on the interplay between these
two realms. The layering technique used and the densely packed compositions also contribute
to the uniqueness of these pieces, enhancing its overall texture and depth. The artwork
represents a personal journey into abstraction, stimulating imagination in a way that transcends
any specific characterization or narrative.

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